I love your work James, however this interview encapsulates the one minor issue I do have with it. You say that you are open to all of the truth regardless of where it leads and I believe you, except for your unwillingness to believe that Christianity may not be the whole truth. Due to this you are unwilling to even contemplate the idea that religion (Christianity, as well as all the others), was also a creation of the evil ones as a control method. If I asked you, do you think the Vatican is good or evil? What would your response be? I presume, you would agree they are not a good force but a force of the dark, and this the head of Christianity, and where the majority of modern Christianity came from. So, why are you so set in your belief that it is the ONLY way?

I cannot understand why you will not be moved from this position, if you are open to the idea of truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be as I have heard you say, then you are lying to yourself if you are unwilling to move on this.

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I just received David Icke’s book The Trap and see at Chapter One this:

“David Icke is a visionary genius. Anyone who doesn’t realise this at this late stage of the game is deluded, ignorant or foolish. - James Delingpole”


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giving negative feedback is a skill I've never fully mastered. But what the hell, most people don't agree with my takes anyway so it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. but from my perspective (of someone who quite warms to someone like Icke) I did think the following (having only watched the first 25 mins

1. your introduction of him to the crowd could have been a lot more polished. Maybe calling him a 'fruitloop' 30 years ago would not have raised an eyebrow, but given you have now travelled a very similar path, it did make me wince a little. Particularly as he is the senior and trod the more difficult path on his own. I suspect you may not have meant to be quite as cutting, but were 'winging it' and it just came out.

2. I think his long deliveries were cos he was performing to an audience. I know you were keen for a conversation, but in front of an audience is not the same as a podcast. it's a very different dynamic, in some ways you have to 'put on a show' and get your points across. I suspect his monologues came from his stage show, and he switched to autopilot cos he felt the pressure to perform. I know you've done these shows with other such as Neil Oliver and they went a lot better, but to be fair, you were a lot more respectful in that one.

It's only the one show, they can't all go well. But from my perspective there are definitely learning opportunities for you for the next one. Get the introduction right, and be a bit nicer to your guest next time! (sorry).

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Seems to me having read your report on this show before actually watching the whole two hours just now, that the intransigent one is you James. And the reason is your own fixation on your own Christian religious belief system. Btw: I was brought up in just such a dogmatic (catholic) control system but started to think for myself in my early teens, so extricated myself from it.

Yes, you ask some valid questions such as: if the controlling matrix creators are all about sucking humanity dry of low-vibe loosh, then why are there also many good people and things in the world?, and Ike doesn't really give an answer to the biggie: what is the purpose of life while we are here?

Did I agree with everything Ike said? No, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't articulate some valid and interesting points. Your frustration was palpable.

That said; well done for putting this show on - with high quality definition cameras.

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Icke is pushing gnostic, new age bullshit.

Using a NASA scientist and Einstein to reinforce his simulation theory, seriously?

His back story is ridiculous. Unlike practically every other truth seeker who came to the hard truth by studying and reflection over time, Icke had a 'mystical experience' on a Peruvian mountain where all this informarion just came flooding into him and he suddenly understood everything. Bullshit. He was promoted by the BBC, which is a major red flag. You are perfectly right, he is part of the distraction. Good man James, thank you so much for calling this phoney out. 'What anyone believes is none of my business?' He is full of it. Incoherent gibberish.

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I think you pinned David Icke down in the right area James. His position is vacuous. No ultimate good or righteousness, and a pointless existence. It's new age fantasy like Benjamin Creme, and Theosophy. However we can't expect a Christian understanding from someone with a warped and sophisticated system of beliefs which hang on specious pseudo scientific interpretations. However, it is an alluring fantasy to those who want to avoid accountability.

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Icke is right about the nature of reality. Why would God create this world or Hell for his children? This world is our miscreation because of our own misperceptions. God is love and creates nothing but love (this is the ALL THAT IS David speaks of) and it is only our illusion that we are ever separate from it. We are literally all one.

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You did well, James.

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Glad I didn’t”t pay to see this live. Although , Dick”s bohemian smoking jacket was quite a thing to behold.

Icke, not so good on the elevator pitch, or, it seems, well informed on Christ and God’s word.

I used to like Icke’s take on infinite consciousness, since I received salvation through the blood of Yeshua Hamashiach, Icke’s philosophy seems stale and two dimensional.

James is right in that Icke has no real theological underpinning to his new age woo woo. His obsession with the darkness leads him away from the true light of the world.

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Icke speaks like the serpent: "Ye shall not surely die". He's a dangerous man.

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I feel like you really exposed something about him in this talk, at the slightest probe he was like a malfunctioning android, reverting to his repetitive factory setting one liners that he was programmed with in the 90s. When you asked him about Russia he reminded me of a typical TV head boomer type who doesn't practice much independent thinking, he actually grunted with exasperation at the question! He doesnt like to wrack his brains searching for meaning and answers. He hasn't developed or matured his spiel that he has been spouting since the dawn of the internet- its the same sentences over and over again.... I was surprised he didn't have anything original to say that isnt the same old stuff he has said before, he couldn't even adjust his scripts to fit the questions better - he couldn't formulate answers to the questions at all. I think many truth seekers have long surpassed him in this age where knowledge has increased so greatly.

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