This is a Straw Man. I'm not calling for a ban on debates.

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The problem of course is that the great mass of men are not swayed by reason, but by emotion - hence to move them, one must use rhetoric. However, there are also those who are largely immune to rhetorical tricks and plays upon their emotion, whom it is essential to engage using dialectic - evidence and logic.

The other problem is that we are a "democracy", thus it is the great mass of men who supposedly decide the issues of the day. Since they are so easily led around by their passions, this means that those who best play to their feelings - and not those possessed of the greatest virtue, or the truth - are really in charge. Thus it is Belial's tongue that commands and not the Lord's.

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Well said James, the phrase brainwashed and indoctrinated always comes to mind with all the woke brigade.

Unfortunately, you cannot tell most people the truth you have to show them for it to `come out´ and it definitely will not be for everyone.

For those unaware, no such thing as fossil fuel, an invention of Mr J.D. Rockefeller. Oil is the second most abundant liquid on the planet and is not running out anytime soon.

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Marvellous essay. The enemies of humanity don’t care about the truth by definition: they are pathological, psychopathic liars.

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This is a true 'coming of age' piece and I felt every word. It's long past the time for debate. Who ever felt the need to debate decency?

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Bless the children of satan for they will inherit a scorched earth.

Everything is inverted. The pretend victims are the perpetrators of the predators art of war.

We are in a global civil war. The only real debate now is tactics. No one is coming to save us. Of course we are scared, most of us never dreamed we would be here in Satan's garden with every 3 letter acronym trying to kill us in stealth mode.


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I wish I had the intelligence to submit a proper response to your post, but to humbly say that I admire what you say, I like your truth, agree with your views and I enjoy your podcasts… #teamjamesalways

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Thank you, James. This is probably the best piece I have ever read by you.

Question: could it be that emotional attachment, or love, to be blunt, is what triumphs logic, facts and evidence in all the cases and examples you mentioned? In other words, logic, facts and evidence (or the truth) only triumph when they are loved?

For example, the ecofascist nutjob or Branch Covidian loves being part of a movement, loves feeling morally superior, loves looking down on others, etc., more than he loves the truth. Therefore, no presentation of facts and evidence will ever convince him. Instead, he will twist words and use faulty logic to support what he loves.

You, on the other hand, not only have the truth but you love it, and that allows you to benefit from the truth and move forward.

I wish you all the best.

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Those on our side could go on debating ad nauseam to the indoctrinated and brainwashed but it won’t sink in. It’s only when they’ve begun to have a modicum of doubt that any chance to inform is possible. Such as one doctor who told me ‘we don’t even know what’s in them!’

And realise their side has an army of Applied Behavioural psychologists and PR experts working subliminally on their emotions. We could develop our own Psyops but dispersing it to the masses would be near to impossible.

And even when our side has been successful say in one area, such as the Covid vaccine, so facts are known and accepted, such like the Knoll bias kicks in.


Hence Toby will accept that these ‘vaccines’ are not safe nor effective, but still believes it was the planes that collapsed two sky risers built to withstand such crashes and number 7 didn’t even exist!

Thus despite spending months informing a ‘support’ group on the larger, longstanding conspiracies involved in Convid and EVIDENCE from regulator’s applications that this Vee whitewashing has always been occurring within the vaccine industry, MANY WENT ON TO DO THEIR INFANTS AND PETS WITH THE OTHER ONES. Even when I’ve shared Defra dog Vees most commonly licensed only every 3 years, their pets are jabbed annually! Or the dangers of CBDCs and centralised control, they’re still using their phones to Pay as it’s convenient.

It’s exasperating. Is it hopeless? To imagine the masses will realise they’ve been duped and then spend months searching for truth that undermine their pre or rather prepared narrative IS HOPELESS.

It’s not going to happen. Few would entertain purposely entering that zone of cognitive dissonance/existential angst. Believe me, when I worked as a psychologist it took months to get them to that point, and most chose to carry on as before. Too often their reason was ‘the money was nice’.

All I can say to us on this side is remember, only a remnant see the truth. Only a remnant are ever saved from the wicked society’s comeuppance from the Lord’s vengeance.

We are the remnant.

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Sounds about right to me. God doesn't do debate any more than he plays dice.

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Excellent. I have been enjoying your Delingpod very much (from across the pond). I agree with you: what we've been living through is a military grade psy op. Thank you for your work.

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When you accept the invitation to debate you have already admitted that you're prepared to concede defeat in that moment. You step into the ring, and someone is going to be declared the winner or get knocked out. As you say, you are at the mercy of whoever is in control of the ring, rules, and you have to trust that they've checked for steel inside the opponents mitts.

Is the truth supposed to be an entertaining emotional spectacle to please a crowd? No. Virtually everyone has decided before the fight who they wish to win, which is not how truth works. You go in blind and find for yourself, not declare ahead of time that which you wish to find.

In the spiritual search words can help point to a roadmap, but the words themselves are not the truth. The truth is a direct experience that only the individual can become. The only sensible thing you can do with words is help the person to learn to help themselves. Believing is not the same as truth.

Jesus, Buddha, and contemporary examples of enlightened individuals never wasted time debating. They always just spun the focus back to the individual. My favourite example is Ramana Maharshi, who lived in the 20th century. He would use words and give answers to questions when a recipient could only hear that way but always, always prioritized silence as the primary method of transmission.

The truth is in silence, and silence comes before anything else.

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Wow thanks James, I hadn’t thought of it like that. You are right, no amount of talking will make a blind bit of difference to most people, the brainwashing runs too deep. All I do is keep repeating what I think whether people want to listen or not. I keep true to myself and keep reading as much as I can.

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Could not agree more. Start by working on your colleague Toby Young. Turn your volume up. It is maddening listening to your thoughts only to have “ Tobes” talk over you. Start talking down to him. Every episode of LC features an insulting putdown or two from your friend. “ Oh James, put down the tin foil hahaha.”. With friends like him…

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Well-done James. Your comments about the pursuit of truth reminds me of the instruction I give to jurors about seeking outside info during the trial: “All the information must be presented in open court so the parties and their lawyers can test it and object to it. Information from other sources, like the Internet, will not go through this important process. In addition, information from other sources could be completely unreliable.” Our legal system is as flawed as any other institution but at least we have a process to find the truth and, at least in my experience, we get there the vast majority of the time, thanks to 12 people we randomly grab from the commuity.

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Great essay James - one of your best that I’ve read in my opinion.

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